The Volume Full Set is my most requested look for those who want ultimate fullness and glam. All volume is a technique when 3 to 4 lashes are hand made into ‘fans’ and then placed on one single lash. Note that volume lashes are thinner and finer than classic. They are meant to be fanned together to create more volume without weighing down the lashes.

My Classic Signature Set is a one lash to one lash technique. If you are looking for a natural but noticeable flirty look, this set is for you. Enhancing the lashes and eyes with the perfect amount of length and density.

Some call it Hybrid, some call it Mix, some call it Combination. They all mean the same, which is, a mixture of two techniques. This set is a mixture of Classic and Volume.

As part of our lash fill process, we gently remove and replace the lash extensions that are grown out and remove the lash extensions that are twisted and unruly.

For a fill, you should have at least 40% of the lashes still remaining every 3 weeks. Those with less than 25% will be charged a higher price.

We pride ourselves in our unique techniques, applying each individual eyelash extension with precision and care. The safety and health of your lashes is our top priority. 


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